RIP Dennis...and Thank You

I've spent the past 3 days in the South Eastern wheat belt of WA attending the funeral of a man I was proud to call a friend, a new friend who I met about 4 years ago through members of our families marrying.

Denis, a true hero of his small community, died suddenly of a massive heart attack, much too young at 58 (my age). Of the hundreds of people paying their last respects I happened to meet 2 special people, both who had lost a child to depression related suicide and both who are now working in the area of suicide prevention. I know I will be connecting with these wonderful brave people again soon, for united we are strong.

The significance of the impact Denis was having by drawing people together in death as he had during his amazing life is not lost on me as I reflect this evening on events of the weekend.

R.I.P. Denis and thank you.

Steve Andrews.