Black Dog Ride Reaches
A Million Dollar Milestone

Four years ago, Steve Andrews set off on his solo ride around Australia to raise awareness of depression, a ride he called his "Black Dog Ride around Australia".

Having been personally impacted by the silent killer of depression through the tragic suicides of his mother and his best friend's wife, Steve was determined to start the conversation of depression awareness throughout Australia, in order to prevent the tragedy of suicide.

Steve Andrews departs on his inaugural Black Dog Ride

Steve departs on the inaugural Black Dog Ride, 2009

Little did Steve know how Black Dog Ride would soon evolve into a nationwide movement of thousands of riders passionate about dragging the black dog out into the community consciousness.

Although Steve intended to use his inspired solo ride to also raise funds for mental health services, it wasn't a priority on the inaugural ride. The fundraising was an accidental success, with Steve raising over $34,000 for the Suicide Call Back Service.

Upon his return, it was apparent Steve's Black Dog Ride resonated with riders around the nation, and Steve set about organising more rides, at local and national levels.

Four years later, heading into the 9th Black Dog Ride, the awareness raised of depression and suicide prevention around the country by thousands of Black Dog Riders over the past four years is incalculable.

Today we are thrilled to annouce, that with over $190,000 raised for Lifeline and Mental Health First Aid in the lead up to the 2013 Ride to the Red Centre:

The total funds raised by Black Dog Riders for mental health services Australia wide since 2009 has now reached over $1,000,000

As Steve said when accepting his Pride of Australia Award in 2012, "Mental health is an issue which governments can't fix, we as a community need to fix it."

Thank you, Black Dog Riders around this country, for your advocacy of mental health and helping us to support mental health services in every part of Australia. Check out the messages of congratulations here.

WA Black Dog Riders

Black Dog Riders hitting the highways of Australia for awareness of depression and suicide prevention