Day 3

The Amazing Nullarbor

It's funny when you mention to people that you have just crossed the Nullarbor, most say they have done it it and wasn't it boring, and the rest say it was fantastic, nothing in between.

I reckon it was amazing.

Balladonia to Ceduna, just under 1,000kms, was the best day's riding ever. The road is in excellent condition, the weather was fantastic, although the outside temperature guage on the bike read 0.5 degrees when I started at 6.30am, and there wasn't really much traffic about. Cruising along around 80kms west of Caiguna with the temperature now at a positively balmy 5 degrees, Cold Play blaring in the BT2 bluetooth headset, clear blue sky except for a bank of clouds on the southern horizon which looked like a snow capped mountain range ( I'm pretty sure they were clouds?) it truly was a magic moment.

After a while I started to think, why do they call it the Nullarbor (no trees) when there are actually quite a few trees. Well, after you pass through the magnificent Madura Pass and then cross the border you eventually get to Nullarbor Roadhouse. Cresting one of the gentle rises which break up the absolute flatness of the landscape it immediately becomes apparent. For as far as the eye can see, to the horizon in every direction, there are absolutely no trees. Nothing higher than a bush about 1 metre tall. It is amazing! I loved that ride.