Black Dog Ride around Australia

Blog - Day 6

Black Dog Ride Around Australia Blog - Day 6 Day 6 - Thursday 31st July - Townsville to Cloncurry, 791kms

Townsville to Charters Towers for Lions morning tea

Charters to Hughendon for refuel

Hughendon to Richmond for Lions lunch

Richmond to Cloncurry

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Our longest day on the road so far loomed ahead. Townsville had refreshed us though, and the local support had renewed our dedication to our ride to raise awareness.

First stop, Charters Towers. Unfortunately a late change of venue saw many riders meandering around town until local farmer Lyle mustered them in his VR ute, proudly declaring later it was the first time he'd mustered "iron horses".

Federal MP for Kennedy, Bob Katter, met us for morning tea in Charters, and after a few hat swaps spoke to us about the tragic reality of suicide in Australian agricultural communities. It was the first time many riders had heard first hand about what it's like to live and work in regional areas without access to mental health services, and with little city support for the struggles faced daily.

A local businessman gave Steve Andrews a large donation for Lifeline and Mental health First Aid, but wished to remain anonymous. There's a story there, but he's not ready to tell it yet. We wish him all the best.

Richmond Lions Club hosted our lunch by the local lake and more than a few riders took the opportunity to lay down for a midday nap. It's a hard slog, and every opportunity to rest was taken.

After our leisurely lunch, riders sporadically rode off on route to Cloncurry, when the local police turn up. Much to the amusement of onlookers, riders looked alarmed until the policeman indicated he just wanted pics with the riders.

A spontaneous break in a two pub town called Julia Creek and we were back on the road, eager for Cloncurry and a rest. The roads here were nothing like many had experienced before and we were feeling it. Our riders trickled in late, but the North QLD Black Dog Riders held the fort and took part in the 60th Anniversary Cloncurry Merry Muster Festival where BDR bikes were the loudest, followed by big rigs and police sirens! Winston was a big hit with local children and the Cloncurry Fire and Rescue Service donated $100 to the cause.

We've come 3,000kms so far. Tomorrow we'll be in the NT!