Black Dog Ride around Australia

Blog - Day 3

Black Dog Ride Around Australia Blog - Day 3 Day 3 - Monday 28th July - Bundaberg to Mackay QLD 650kms

Bundaberg to Calliope for refreshment

Calliope to The Caves for Lions Lunch

The Caves to Mackay for Lions dinner

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Queensland is really turning on the beautiful weather for us! Heading north to Mackay today, the only aggravation was endless roadworks, but soon we were passed them and enjoying soup, scones, and salad sandwiches at The Caves with the local Lions Club and some local HOG members who'd come out to meet us. Another local rider voluntarily took it upon herself to be a corner marker for our some of our geographically challenged riders! These warm welcomes are always appreciated.

The Caves Lions Club then donated $200 to our beneficiaries Lifeline and MHFA, thank you The Caves Lions Club!

Next stop - Serina Showgrounds where the Mackay HOG Chapter were waiting for us. They led us in procession to Mackay and what a fantastic sight! The sights and sounds of over a hundred bikes riding into town isn't just a gratuitous display of machinery, however. As Dr Graham Jacobs said on one Black Dog Ride, "There's nothing like some motorcycles coming to town to get people to talk, and they say, well what's that about. That gets the conversations going, that improves awareness."

As we arrived in Mackay en masse, a local man approached two Black Dog Riders, Peter Monk and John Coulls. He told them his son took his life 3 years ago. Since then his wife was unable to work, and physically and mentally unwell. He was in a very mentally vulnerable place. The tears flowed, and the Black Dog Riders talked, comforted, gave him Lifeline's number and literature. They are staying in touch, with our local Mackay Ride Coordinator assisting him with accessing support in the local region.

This is why we ride.

A raucous and relaxed bunch of Black Dog Riders headed to the Lions Den for dinner, where the combined Lions Clubs of Mackay donated over $1100! What a wonderful group of Aussies.

Townsville tomorrow!