Black Dog Ride around Australia

Blog - Day 2

Black Dog Ride Around Australia Day 2 Itinerary Day 2 - Sunday 27th July - Glen Innes NSW to Bundaberg QLD 702kms

Glen Innes to Warwick for Lions morning tea

Warwick to Yarraman to meet QLD South Riders

Yarraman to Goomeri for Lions lunch

Goomeri to Bundaberg for Lions dinner

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What a difference a day makes!

After an icy ride to Glenn Innes the day before, Black Dog Riders woke up to an icy morning. Winston was frozen over. Bikes wouldn't start. The MotoKafe need a little extra love to produce the beverage of Gods we were all desperate for to stave off the chills. There was a long ride ahead. But a breathtakingly beautiful ride north to the border of NSW/QLD brought sunshine and high spirits.

Warwick Lions Club put on morning tea for Black Dog Ride, whilst more than a few Black Dog Riders took...unintentional scenic routes through the countryside...before finally hitting the glorious Darling Downs. The QLD South State Riders were itching to get on the road and at long last we all met up in Yarraman while Simon Bouda did a live cross over to Channel 9. It is fascinating for many riders to see this part of TV broadcoasting in action. Again a huge thank you to Channel 9 for helping us raise awareness, raise vital funds, and save lives.

Onwards to Goomeri and the wonderful townspeople came out to hand over donations and tell Black Dog Riders how meaningful their ride was to them. It seems no one is untouched by depression and suicide, especially in regional centres.

The long ride to Bundaberg involved a flat tyre, near misses with cows and was erm, navigationally challenging for a few! But everyone soldiered on, and the QLD Ambulance Service met us a Biggendon to hand over a cheque for $300. The generosity of these communities is really humbling, and it always drives home that no matter hurdles are thrown up at us during the day, Black Dog Riders are shining a beacon of hope into their lives.

Bundaberg was a welcome sight. Lions put on a steak and salad meal for Black Dog Riders (and donated $200, thank you!) while Darlene from Lifeline Bundaberg spoke to us about the positive impact of the awareness and fundraising raised by Black Dog Ride. 2000 more people a month can be supported during crisis thanks to Black Dog Ride's fundraising efforts, and more people than ever before are reaching for support thanks to Black Dog Ride's awareness raising efforts.

Terry from Mental Health First Aid spoke to us all about the the vital need for Australians to know how to respond to a mental health crisis, and that the fundraising of Black Dog Ride will help train teens to identify and support people having a mental health crisis. With mental ill health and suicideation in young people skyrocketing, this is a timely reminder of how important our ride ahead is.

We were all deeply touched by the courage of Nola, a woman from Hervey Bay who reached out to Steve Andrews when she heard Black Dog Ride was coming to town. Nola lost two brothers and a son to suicide, and told Black Dog Riders that their efforts at raising awareness of depression and suicide prevention is brilliant. Nola told to keep going, keep raising awareness. We will.

Black Dog Ride also heard from Madonna, a women who lost her son to suicide. He was 19 years old. Madonna doesn't have a bike, doesn't ride, but emailed Steve Andrews with her story and told him that being on the ride was in her bucket list. We had to make it happen, and thanks to Dave Schafer, a Black Dog Rider on the QLD South State Ride, we were able to fulfil this dream for Madonna.

Finally, our awesome Fraser Coast Coordinators Brett and Michelle Lewis dropped by to meet us all, and came bearing gifts. One, specially prepared speedometer cake for our birthday boy of the evening Geoff Bishop who turned 60 that night! Happy birthday Geoff! And secondly, a giant, delicious and wow worthy buttermilk cake decorated with Winston and our around Australia journey! Both cakes were made by The Lewis' daughter Cassie. Thank you Cassie, if the meagre crumbs left after half an hour were any indication, Black Dog Riders love your cake!

Tomorrow we ride to Mackay, and our QLD North State Riders depart on their journey. If you see us out and about, please stop and say hello and remember, if you find yourself in crisis, call Lifeline 24/7 on 13 11 14.

All photos will be attributed, please be patient when we're on the road :)