Our focus

There have been many, many beneficiaries of funds raised through Black Dog Ride since it's inception in 2010. 

Black Dog Ride has supported large not-for-profits such as LifeLine, Mental Health First Aid Australia and the Black Dog Institute, with large donations. And, there have been many smaller, community organisations which have received funds over the years. These include community suicide prevention networks, local Lifeline centres, and Headspece centres.

Going forward, our aim is to direct funding into community based mental health and suicide prevention initiatives across Australia. Research suggests that mental health and suicide prevention activities undertaken at a grass roots, community level have been effective in the prevention of suicide and increasing help seeking behavour. There are many community based initiatives which are tailored to the local environment and circumstances, and many of these initiatives are also quite innovative. It is these initiatives that we seek to find and support. We don't have huge dollars to give out, but the money we raise can go a long way to help these grass roots community initiative make a real difference in peoples' lives.

Our Mission

Black Dog Ride's primary mission as a health promotion charity is to raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention. Black Dog Ride's activities achieve this mission with hundreds of activities each year engaging thousands of Australians, each starting community conversations around depression and suicide, which encourages help seeking behaviour and ultimately prevents suicide. The social value of Black Dog Ride's activities is difficult to measure.

Black Dog Ride continues to strive to meet it's objectives of raising awareness about depression and suicide prevention whilst keeping administrative and operating costs to a minimum. We value our volunteers, riders and supporters as dedicated community advocates, and trust you will join with us on the road ahead to prevent suicide and improve the mental wellbeing of all Australians.