Black Dog Ride across America

How You Can Help

Over 21 days and 7,000kms, Black Dog Ride will hit the highways of the United States to share our home grown mental health project with the USA to raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention amongst our American friends. Here's how you can help.


Check out the ride itinerary HERE and meet up with Black Dog Riders when they're stopping for lunch or a rest period or having a community meet up. Black Dog Riders want to meet military veterans, first responders, their families and mental health advocates to spread the word about suicide prevention and help raise funds for Mental Health First Aid training scholarships. They also just want to say g'day to like minded people. If there's a group of you who want to arrange a meet up on the ride route, email Fiona at to arrange your plans.


Black Dog Ride across America - How do your donations help?The Black Dog Ride across America is fundraising to provide Mental Health First Aid training scholarships for military veterans and first responders. These training scholarships will ensure military veterans and first responders have access to training which will help them support each other in times of crisis, and ultimately reduce the devastating suicide rate amongst this exceptional group of people.


How will your donations help? $20: Gives a training manual $75: Gives classroom supplies
$170: Trains a First Aider $1,800: Trains an Instructor

You can pass the hat around at your station, barracks or veterans group and donate to the Black Dog Riders (they'll have tins and receipt books) when you meet them on the Ride or you can donate directly via the Black Dog Ride across America Everyday Hero Fundraising Page. MHFA is a not for profit governed by the National Council and has 501(c)(3) status.


In Australia, Black Dog Ride's success has been based upon community conversations, not polished PR campaigns. Military Veterans and First Responders having conversations around mental health will help de-stigmatise suicide and foster supportive environments for our local heroes where they feel comfortable seeking support.

You can help us create community conversations by talking to your family, friends and colleagues in real life about the Black Dog Ride across America, with local media and mental health orgs, and by using social media like Facebook and Twitter to help get the word out.

Social Media Cheat Sheet - Download advice on what to say on social media about the Ride

Media Tool Kit - Download Pro Forma Press Releases and tools to help you engage media about the Ride

Talking Points - Download key messages to help you talk about the Ride to others

Press Release - MHFA USA's press release about the Ride

Ride Flyer - Hi-res PDF to print and distribute amongst your networks

Ride Flyer - JPEG to use across social media and forums to promote the Ride

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Remember, every conversation counts and has the potential to save a life